Saturday, October 4, 2008

May 1954

Kit: Smokey by Lava DownUnder Scraps
some template items from Carena's Designs

My Mom, Aunt Joan and Aunt Ann in May of 1954...


Kit: Mulberry Fields by Lava DownUnder Scraps

My little Bonnie giving what she thinks as "her kingdom" THE look.


Kit: Putilawa by Lava DownUnder Scraps

Another shot of "Bambi"....this one is not afraid of a thing from what we can tell. She even gets close to the dog (just out of his reach with the tether)...though we have not been lucky enough to get a snapshot of that yet.

October Calendar

Kit: Golden Sky by Lava DownUnder Scraps

Uncle Brian carving a pumpkin for the first time with a little one....boy did those two make a mess; but they sure had lots of fun!

been away

Haven't been playing much on the computer the last few weeks as real life got in the way of things. My parents were supposed to come and visit us in September; but mom got sick and she just has not been able to shake it. Finally got her to go to the doctor, and are now waiting for all the test results to come back. The first doctor that she saw (in the ER) said it was just her asthma and allergies, gave her a breathing treatment and told her to follow-up with her regular doctor. Since then she has seen her dr, been told that he wants to do some tests as she has some of the symptoms for congestive heart failure. So things have been tense, and stressful around here to say the least. Hoping that all the tests come back soon and that all is okay with her. Any prayers that you can spare are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

Will be posting some new layouts this weekend, hubby has declared that I am to take the weekend off and relax. So no cleaning, no cooking....and lots of time on my hands. Am also going to be working on a new blog layout, using some of Lava DownUnder Scraps' kits.... am thinking a fall theme is the way to go for a bit, and they do have such lovely fall colors in some of their kits.

Welp, enough of my chit to get some more layouts done up! Hope that you all have a great and wonderful weekend. Big Hugs, Milisa

Bambi and Thumer

Kit: Golden Sky by Lava DownUnder Scraps
Doodle: freebie by Lava DownUnder Scraps

My husband and I nicknamed these 2 Bambi and Thumper. Bambi is the one facing us and Thumper has his back to us for this picture....watching these 2 is such fun, and we enjoy seeing their antics each day as they play, or just lay around in the yard.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Kit: Golden Sky by Lava DownUnder Scraps
Some template items from Jayedid Designs